The Process

Many people are confused about the process a designer might take to create a logo. Here's a glimpse into our process at Pulpo Design...

Phase 1 - Research

This is where we meet with the client to see who they are and what their needs are. We ask for a few competitors and designs that they are drawn to. After gathering the info from our clients, we go off to do our research. Our research can involve (depending on the client needs) an audit of the competition to see where the client is positioned, what makes them unique, what works with the competitions' designs, what does work and what is missing in the market in terms of design. We also take a look at designs that the client is drawn to to analyze what elements are important to our client.

Phase 2 - Sketching and Conceptualizing

This is where the creative juices really start flowing! Our designers will spend time conceptualizing and sketching out ideas. The more time to sketch the better. Not every design will be great, but almost every design will teach us something that we can use in for the final design.

Phase 3 - Getting it on the Computer

After narrowing down the sketches to one or two key concepts we will pull them onto the computer and begin to "computer sketch" to see what translates well.

Phase 4 - Refinement

We will now look at some of the computer sketches and refine the ones that work. A large part of this process is also to narrow down the options for the client. You may think that the client should see all possible options, but in our experience we have found that a focused approach is more beneficial to everybody. This way the client is not overwhelmed by multiple options.

Phase 5 - Decision Making

Now it's up to the client. We present a few options, provide revisions if necessary and package the final files for client use.


What can I say, we're fascinated by the octopus as a creature!  Frequently  featured in legend and lore as mysterious deep sea creature that will swallow a boat whole, the octopus is often misrepresented.

Many people are not aware that the octopus is actually a highly intelligent animal with impressive problem solving skills and the ability to adapt to its surroundings by literally bending over backwards/sideways/all-ways and even camouflaging itself.  We find these to be necessary skills as a designer.  Client doesn't like a logo?  No problem, we will bend over flip it every which way and change the colors until it works for you.

So why Pulpo Design? You're a small company with a small job but you still want big result without a big price tag.  Need I say more?